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"Why spank with a fence board when you can do it with style..."

Spanking Wood Paddles Store

-Spankinc is devoted to the lifestyle and toys of B.D.S.M. My paddles and other products are
handcrafted by myself and are fully functional even for the most severe user.

-I  believe that a paddle not only has to do the job but has to be a beautiful object to
use , to look at and also to show off at any events or on display.

-That is why I use only noble hard wood, fully dried and cured such as:
Maple, Oak, Ash, Yellow Birch and Cherry wood.

-The  handles for the exotic paddle collection are made out of African and South American
hard wood. Such as : Lacewood, Padouck, Shedua, Bubinga, Zebra-wood,
Mahogany, Wenge. They are chosen for their beauty and contrast.

-Each and every paddles are made with care, one at a time. I am very proud of
my craft and I am sure you will love it too.

Coming soon ! - Rattan Cane, Lexan Paddles

Spanking wood paddles online, our store sells Spanking leather straps, rubber implements
and wood implements.USA, Canada, UK, Germany, nike promo code Australia and across the world.
Spanking leather straps, rubber implements, restraints and much more.

Spanking Wood Paddles Store

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